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Integrating Branding with Digital Marketing

There’s no denying that digital marketing is probably the most effective marketing strategy of the 21st century and beyond. With more people now shopping on their mobile, getting your brand out-there is becoming increasingly important, but not in the 90s way of thinking.
More isn’t particularly better with brand management. At my time in a London branding agency I found that we didn’t target national TV ads or huge Adwords budgets. Instead we’d look into targeting the businesses individually. Which might seem crazy to large companies but the truth is it works. Getting your brand into 1 company at a time will drastically lower costs and will also help improve conversion rates too.
The method we used was to target 2-3 companies through social media, we’d start by following them and integrating with their content. From there we went to their blog and left high quality comments, always linking back to our website. In one case we actually received a lead simply from doing those 2 elements but usually you have to continue on the funnel.
After doing this for a couple of weeks we’d find out the name of the owner or director of marketing that would be responsible for branding or hiring a marketing agency. From here we’d send them a personalised email looking to get them on a call. As most of the time this individual has seen your business before they will take your call. From there it’s all about how good your product or service is and obviously how well you can sell to someone. Usually you’ll be able to close the sale on the 3rd or 4th call. But for larger corporate branding jobs a meeting and presentation is usually required.
Using this tactic we were able to land some large accounts. The largest of which totalled £150,000 in billings. And over a dozen smaller £2000-£5000 clients. All of these can be re-sold in the future as well. The key here is to continue with the interaction once you’ve landed the client. Even if they say no the first 5 times you try to close them, continue to interact on social and their blog, otherwise you will be seen as only doing it for the sale. And although you may have been doing this, you don’t want the potential client to think it.

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